Staff Assisted Home Dialysis

Staff-Assisted Home Hemodialysis is modality of dialysis that allows patient to receive dialysis one-on-one care by a licensed Dialysis professional in the comfort of your home.

HHD treatment is administered three times a week for 3-4 hours duration. This modality is very useful for patients who are working and need dialysis tailored to their schedule, early morning or late evening.

  • Dialysis equipment is single use system dedicated to your treatments only.
  • Dialysis supplies are delivered to your home.
  • Dialysis nurse at home administers all medications such as Heparin, Epogen, IV iron, IV vitamin D etc.
  • Social worker and dietician see you at your home.
  • Monthly and mid-monthly blood samples collected at home and reported to your nephrologist.
  • Maintenance of equipment, biohazard waste collection services per regulatory guidelines.