Registered Dialysis Nurses

Registered Dialysis Nurse is specialty training, to educated and to care patients at Dialysis.

Home Hemodialysis, In-Center Dialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis.

Crown Dialysis Center of Palm Beach offers the staff assistance Home hemodialysis  and Peritoneal Dialysis RN with home visits.

The Register nurse stay with the patient at his comfort of home during the Hemodialysis treatment .

The Register nurse for the hemodialysis or peritoneal program are able to fallow up, draw mothly laboratory tests and administrate medication at the patient home following the scheduled treatment.

The main Goal is to maintain the quality, convenience, and reduce risk of infection providing the mobile service at home. All our Registered dialysis Nurses are trained and prepared to keep straight communication with the center and the patient Nephrologist using the updated electronically system .