Home Hemodialysis

'Have you thought about Dialysis at Home ?

” Getting Involved really Matters”.

You’ll feel more in charge if you take an active role in the decision.

Your kidney team should tell you about all treatment options and the pros and cons of each. But you make the choice based on your needs, lifestyle, medical conditions, and current level of kidney function. In order to make this decision, you need to learn about all the treatments.

  • Talk to the professionals who are treating you
  • Ask questions: What treatments are done at home? Am I eligible for home treatment? How will my choice of treatment affect my health and lifestyle? At this point in my kidney disease, is one choice better than another? Will one treatment better than another? Will one treatment better protect my remaining kidney function? Which one?
  • Think about how this decision will affect your life.
  • Talk to your family, friends and other people who care about you.
  • Visit the National Kidney Foundation website www.kidney.org for helpful resources.

Reference: Have your thought about Dialysis at Home? – National Kidney Foundation /wwwkidney.org  material from publication Number 12-10-0337_KBA

Crown Dialysis Center is a Medicare Certified State-of-the-art facility offering all modalities of dialysis treatments.

A team of qualified health professionals manage the dialysis center under the leadership of Board Certified Nephrologist, Bharat K. Gupta MD.

Crown Dialysis is a leading-edge facility specialize in Staff Assisted Hemo-Dialysis at your home on your schedule.

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