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Peritoneal Dialysis at Home .

Peritoneal dialysis (per-ih-toe-NEE-ul die-Al-uh-sis) is a modality of Dialysis performed at home.

Is a way to remove waste products from the blood when your kidneys can no longer perform adequately.

Hemodialysis a more commonly used blood-filtering procedure performed at the Center by the RN and PCT, 3 or 4 times weekly and can take into 4 hours each treatment. Peritoneal dialysis the patient give your self a treatment at home, at work or while going for a vacation with use of small size machine called cycler and the duration can be at the time of sleeping.

Understanding  Peritoneal dialysis :

1: Can be done any time of the day or when the patient is sleeping.
2: Give the patient freedom to work, take care the family, travel or complete daily activities.
3: Peritoneal Dialysis is done 7 days a week, the peritoneal Nurse will training the patient to connect and disconnect from the Cycler without issues.
4:  A cleansing fluid flows through a tube called ” catheter”  inside of the abdomen and filters the waste products from your blood.
5: Nephrologist will prescribe the right period time for treatment, the fluid with all filtered waste products will flow out of the abdomen and will be discarded.

Renal Social worker and Dietitian will give support and orientations through your treatment and provide all the information to renal transplant enrollment.

Peritoneal Dialysis program will help the patient with educational material, responding questions and keep tracking the patient progress every month.  Contact your Dialysis Center for more information and check with your Nephrologist to see if Peritoneal dialysis will work for you.

Peritoneal Dialysis can provide the freedom through the day to work, travel, shopping, enjoy the time with kids, walk in the park with your pet or any other daily activity.

Crown Dialysis Center of Palm Beach offers an excellent Peritoneal dialysis program, contact 1(561)372-3700 for more information.