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Dialysis Patient Dining Out

"Important Facts Before you go to have a dinner out"  

•Plan Ahead and choose a restaurant where will be easiest to select foods for your diet
•Cut back on serving sizes and food high in " SODIUM and "POTASSIUM
•Call and learn about the menu, how the dishes are prepared
•Ask to the server for more information about the way your food choice is prepared and served
•Protein Restriction Diet: Can be requested half portions of the main dishes that contain meat, fish, cheese, and poultry
* Remember: Protein is found in cheese and cream sauces, foods prepared and mixed with milk, nuts, eggs, and a vegetarian dishes contain dried beans or lentils

"Beverages at your dinner"

•Plan the amount of Fluid you may have during the meal
•Plan when you want the beverage: before, during, or after the meals.

•Choose beverages low in potassium and phosphorus.( ask your dietitian for specific guidelines)
•Order beverages by the glass instead of ordering a pitcher of drinks
•Squeeze lemon wedges into your water to help quench your thirst
•Turn cups or glasses upside down before they are felled or ask to have them removed
•Push your glass or cup away from your plate when you are finished to avoid refills.

Reference: "National Kidney Foundation, inc _GBD -RV1-V1 : NKF 2013 published More

"Lets us know about your experience dining out !"

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